Determination and convincing [カナダ]

About 15 years ago, I worked in previous university, named Showa University situated in Yokohama city. At the time of working there, I oversaw a certain grade whose average age was 27-28 years old even they were first-grade. The oldest of them were same as me. All of them were warm-hearted, active and curious. After their graduation, I have been inspired by each graduate’ strong enthusiasm for their direction for 15 years. One of them, Masumi came to see me from Toronto. As I said to Masumi, “there is little place to see here”. But she came here, I struggled to find any place to see. Finally, I found the historical place exhibiting 150 years ago, foundation of Canada, named Fanshawe Pioneer Village. It’s the same era of “Meiji” in Japan. These pictured are taken there. We talked a lot for half day. She has been learned English for one year and two months and has a passion to do. I felt her enwavering effors and encouraged me.
One the other hand, there are someone who say “I have an ambition for something” but don’t.
You know, for avoiding this rule, you should “do” the things. Japanese tend to have too much attention to others, but a smart person can decide oneself by rock-steady picture.
By the way, Skype-consultation for Japanese physio could come in and fine for me at the same time. Some physios exhibited their determination soon, but it seemed the exhibition for themselves. So far, decision makings for something gave me lots of energy and were to think “Oh he or she was great.
After reading some books by Mr. Oshima, I have come to understand that this thinking way is an advantage of me. I was accepted of a member of IOC diploma for Sports Physical Therapies student and it will begin on Oct. Already I submitted the abstract of WCPT in 2019, its are supposed to be submitting a certain journal. I will also participate in some course held in University in next week. So I should do my best for everything.
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