Back to Canada [カナダ]

Back to Canada! During my Japanese stay, I went to Kyoto to see my younger son, on one of the hottest days. Climate in Canada are also extraordinary due to global warming and fluctuating the maximum temperature over 10C among days. At the time of my arrival in Japan my weight had been loss 3kg but gained 4kg now of departure, it may be not caused by global warming but Japanese cuisine. My Canada staying duration this time will be just 100 days. Because it will be very cold at leaving Canada I bought an “Eases” which is sold in Workman [Japanese clothing store for manual labors]. I decided my missions during this duration, they are related to train my brain and body. One of the missions is improving my English. I had a chance to talk a teacher by DMM Skype training, we agreed to the words “Contribution to others boost our energy” and really came alive. Since I tend to think only myself, self-selfishness this thinking way are sometimes useful for me. So, I submitted the proposal for IOC diploma for Sports Physical Therapies, I’d like to pass the program with the help of some references. Mr. Hideshima, president of Japanlime [A company concerning educational DVD and on-demand] came to my apartment with me. Because London is the academic town and no place to see, we went to Niagara Falls. For me it was interesting to see many faces selling hamburgers, renting cars. All of them related to Niagara Falls and there are lots of jobs. Every night we discussed rest of our life. He is a president and will be a chairman of the company next year and I have a little experience as a Dean. These experiences have some coincide and fun. Jobs are interesting things or not? We should do our work without thinking reluctantly. In my opinion, we had better some new things each day, so new plan to talk about your future by Line or Skype with Physio in Japan. If you are interested in this plan, mail me. Best thing for self-training will be keep it every day even if the progression is little. Thank you for reading this to the end.
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